Chris Willis

Mr. Willis I've listened to your song Home and really enjoyed it. Is it possible for me to purchase a copy of the accompaniment track for it. I would really love to sing it at gatherings when I need to. I s this possible? I would like to share one song that I have on You tube If you care to hear it. if you look for Valerie Anderson - Will you be ready that will be yours truly singing.

Chris Willis responded on 12/07/2016

Dear Valerie, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, the TV track for "Home" is not available. Really sorry for that. I should actually reach out to the company and arrange for it to be made available, but I am no longer affiliated with the label in any way. Really sorry I don't have better news. I will check our your performance on You Tube. Thank you for your correspondence. Much success to you, Chris Willis

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