Chris Willis

Hi Dear Chris Willis im the big fan of you and your great voice. Since a long years i tried all way to reach you. All i wanted to do it a work for you to produce a track for you. Can you make that happen ? I will be so happy if i get and result from you here some exapmle for you supported by DJ Mag and more others. Please check and will be some openion about me. Hope to hear from you. Best Regards Caner Şahbaz (JDMilani)

Chris Willis responded on 10/08/2015

JD Milani, Caner S, not sure what to call you. Nice to meet you. Thank you for finding me here. I see you've done quite a few remixes of friends of mine, Alex Guadino and Toca Disco. You are in really good company. I would love to begin a dialogue and investigate collaborating with you. I have your email and will shoot you a message so we can investigate working on something. If you are available on Skype, I would love to skpe sometime over the next few days. Be well and I look forward to getting to know you better and working on something soon. Cheers, CW

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